Tasting Notes

Elijah Craig Small Batch

The signature Bourbon bearing the name of Rev. Elijah Craig, a Bourbon pioneer who is credited with being the first distiller to age his whiskey in charred oak barrels.

Nose: Delightfully complex with notes of vanilla bean, sweet fruit, and fresh mint
Taste: Smooth and warm; pleasantly woody with accents of spice, smoke, and nutmeg
Finish: Long, sweet, and slightly toasty

Four Roses

Four Roses is unlike any other Bourbon. Perhaps it’s because only Four Roses handcrafts 10 distinct and extraordinary Bourbon recipes. One has been selected by hand to become Four Roses Single Barrel. Four are expertly mingled by hand to create Four Roses Small Batch. And as many as all 10 are used to create Four Roses Bourbon.

  • Straight Bourbon
    • Nose: Fruit, floral essences, gentle spice & honey.
    • Palate: Crisp, yet soft & smooth, fresh fruit, hints of pear & apple.
  • Small Batch
    • Nose: Mellow spice, rich fruit, hints of sweet oak & caramel.
    • Palate: Mellow, ripened red berries, dried spice, well-balanced, rich.
  • Single Barrel
    • Nose: Dried spice, pear, cocoa, vanilla & maple syrup.
    • Palate: Hints of ripe plum & cherries, robust, full body, mellow.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel

This high proof (100), Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon was named for Henry McKenna, the Irish immigrant who adapted his family’s whiskey recipe to work the grains he found in Kentucky. Henry McKenna is the longest aged Bottled-in-Bond available today, resting in the barrel through 40 Kentucky seasons (10 years). Critics agree that this is perfectly balanced Bourbon.

Aroma: Vanilla, caramel, oak, and a light herbaceous note
Taste: Smooth oak, sharp spices, honey and sweetness
Finish: Long, sweet and spicy

Jefferson’s Whiskey

  • Jefferson’s Bourbon
    • Nose: Very crisp and fresh on the nose, lots of creamy vanilla and warm, spicy flavour. Notes of oak, toffee, hints of smoke.
    • Palate: Soft, warming and supple. Notes of sweet vanilla, spices, toffee, berry fruits, a touch of orange zest, spices and honey.
  • Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon
    • Nose: Gentle, dried fruits, hay, warming, hints of spice, cream, vanilla. Lovely sweetness.
    • Palate: Very summery, light and supple bourbon which offers good, clean delivery, pleasant sweetness, hints of cigar leaf, pepper and toffee.
  • Jefferson’s Ocean
    • Nose: This particular batch lines up with its rye grain recipe bourbon with strong floral notes that balance with salted caramel.
    • Palate: The front of the palate leads off with floral notes, citrus notes, and a light black pepper spice. In the mid palate, those flavors taper off and the bourbon sweetens with caramel driving most of the flavor.

Knob Creek

There’s no faking full bourbon flavor. It has to be earned. So that’s what we do in Clermont: we earn it. We start by selecting the finest grains. And we finish by meticulously aging our whiskey in white oak barrels with maximum char, for an unmistakable richness and signature sweetness. It’s the natural way. And there’s just no cheating nature.

  • Straight Bourbon
    • Nose: Quite spicy and sweet. Melted salty butter on granary toast, toasty oak and a touch of rye with caramel sweetness.
    • Palate: Peppy and full. Notes of candy floss and nut oil, a touch of spice and dark chocolate, a little spice and charred oak.
  • Straight Rye
    • Nose: Rich caramel, bright ginger and lingering menthol hints, with more herbaceous touches developing with the robust rye notes. A good core of oak spice, too.
    • Palate: Traditional rye spiciness, rich and mouth-coating, but not as overpowering as some other rye whiskey. Instead, there’s more development of the vanilla, brown sugar and soft butter notes.
  • Single Barrel Reserve
    • Nose: The aroma is intense, with a nice blend of oak, navel orange, pencil, and vanilla bean, with a twinge of heat.
    • Palate: Medium body and heat, although it’s less than expected for 120 proof. It’s fairly sweet and rich, with notes of sweet corn, dark caramel, medium kilned barley.

Larceny Wheated Bourbon

Larceny was hand selected by the Master Distillers to have a taste profile of a six-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Made with wheat as the secondary grain, instead of the traditional rye, Larceny is a smoother tasting Bourbon.

Aroma:Fresh bread and toffee, with a note of butterscotch
Taste:Buttery caramel and honeyed notes, with a rich mouthfeel
Finish:Long, gently sweet and savory

Old Forester

  • Classic 86 Proof
    • Nose: Sharp and sweet, with a strong floral character that swirls with hints of mint, rich tobacco leaf and vanilla. A touch of oak and pine provides a strong underpinning.
    • Palate: Sharp at first, but softens quickly, with hints of oak, sweet corn and rye grain character. Spicy, with soft vanilla and light orange notes.
  • Signature 100 Proof
    • Nose: Strong, sweet coffee laced with chocolate, creamy butterscotch and a hint of licorice.
    • Palate: Ripe apple and other sweet fruit, bakery spice (clove and nutmeg), and toasted oak.
  • 1897 Bottled in Bond
    • Nose: Robust, intense caramel. Rich vanilla with roasted coffee notes, spiced dark fruit and mature oak.
    • Palate: Mouth-filling. Sweet and intense. Deep fruit, spice and oak notes layered over dark caramel and vanilla.

Sagamore Spirit

  • Straight Rye
    • Nose: Vanilla, caramel, and baking spices.
    • Palate: Traditional Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey. Candied dried orange peel with notes of clove and nutmeg. Lingering hints of walnut and brown sugar to finish.
  • Cask Strength
    • Nose: Bold cinnamon with lingering aromas of clove and vanilla.
    • Palate: Smooth dark chocolate paired with intense notes of black pepper and brown sugar. A light hit of honey for balance.
  • Double Oak
    • Nose: Baking spices, dried orange peel, and warm cinnamon.
    • Palate: Smooth caramel and rich toasted coconut. Nutty flavors of hazelnut and pecan meld perfectly with vanilla and caramel.

Woodford Reserve

  • Straight Bourbon
    • Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit, hints of mint and oranges covered with a dusting of cocoa. Faint vanilla and tobacco spice.
    • Palate: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa.
      Toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.
    • Finish: Silky smooth, almost creamy at first with a long, warm satisfying tail.
  • Straight Rye
    • Nose: Spicy with distinct notes of rye, black pepper, cedar and cassia bark sweetened with a dusting of marzipan. Hints of pear, apple and almond dance in its depths.
    • Palate: Clove, rye, mint, molasses, sorghum and honey mingle together with hints of apple and malt.
    • Finish: Long and sweetly spiced.
  • Double Oaked
    • Nose: Rich notes of dark fruit, caramel, sharp honey, chocolate, marzipan and toasted oak.
    • Palate: A full-bodied mix of vanilla, dark caramel, hazelnut, apple, fruit and spices.
    • Finish: Long and creamy with lingering hints of honeyed apple.